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The People

Sara Clark

The owner and imaginer of the Reforestation and Research Project is Sara Clark, a retired lady who loves Nature. In 2002 she bought 723 acres of cleared and eroded pastureland and so far has planted 18,500 trees. There is room for a lot more. She wants the land to be available for scientific research and as a tranquil place for retreats and study in general. She has expanded the original cabin to create a biological center in order to focus on the incredible biodiversity of this tiny Central American country. Being on the Continental Divide makes it easy to do comparisons of Pacific and Atlantic habitats and the Reforestation Project makes long term studies of Restoration Ecology a natural fit.

"Be the change that you want to see in the world" (Gandhi) makes a lot of sense. If you don’t like the way something in the world is, do what you can do to make it better. Caring for the precious biodiversity and helping to create more habitat for it to live in is something Sara wanted to see. She wanted to make the barren pastures a future home for some of the beautiful biodiversity that lived there before it was cleared for cattle pasture.

Aaron Clark

Aaron D. Clark, Director and Research Coordinator at Finca Dos Lados, has a PhD from the University of Washington, received in 2010. He was a candidate under John C. Wingfield. His research focused on Rufous-collared Sparrows in the temperate zone of Costa Rica and Chile, and White-crowned Sparrows in North America. Other areas of research experience include amphibian ecology, forestry, molecular genetics, and epigenetics. Details can be found at:

Wady Zamora

Wady Orlando Zamora Matamoros is the first Costa Rican that the Clarks met when they arrived in Costa Rica in January 2000. He has continued to be a guide, valued friend and advisor during the pursuing years. He has been especially valuable when it was necessary to navigate the legal system, translating and explaining, as Sara's Spanish was improving. He continues to be the liaison and advisor and facilitator in the running of Finca Dos Lados Reforestation and Research Project.

Wady is also the owner of Aventuras Turisticas Zamar 2000, a private tour company which operates out of Alajuela, and provides transportation to our guests on request.